Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My New Website is Here

Yay! My new website is here!
I am pleased to announce my new website is here! Hooray! A long time in the making, and I am pleased to show it off finally. I think it shows off my work and designs better than ever, and it also shows lots of my favorite comics and pattern designs that I have made. I couldn’t do this all by myself, no way! I had the help of web designer Natasha Murphy of Nicely Built redesigned my website for me. I hope everyone likes the new design and change.

5 thoughts on “My New Website is Here

  1. Jean Haggard

    I have been looking for wishing well material. Your feed sack fabric looks like what I want. I am not familiar with the I.C.E you are speaking about. Can you hook a girl up? The wishing well is my symbol this year. Thanks. Jean


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