Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Artists For Animals

KA 3789

Yesterday, I helped MISSY hang up a new batch of CUT PAPER SILHOUETTES at the KRISTEN ASHLEY ARTIST SHOP in downtown Athens. She’s participating in a group show called ARTISTS FOR ANIMALS…lotsa great local Athens artists showing animal-themed pieces with a portion of all sales going to benefit an animal charity of their choosing. Missy is hoping to raise some money for the NORTH GEORGIA HOUSE RABBIT SOCIETY, in honor of our bunny Jumbles, who we adopted from them. The exhibit started TODAY and it runs until August, so if you’re in the area, please check it out if you get a chance! Awesome artists and worthy causes…and a well-curated collection of art and craft supplies!

KA 3908

KA 3824

KA 3864

KA 3849

KA 3827

KA 3826

Before we started hanging the frames on the wall, we figured out the layout on the ground while Kristen marked off our work space. Then, Missy used a ruler to measure out where to put the nails and where the edges of the frames should go:

KA 3830

KA 3835

KA 3837

KA 3838

KA 3840

KA 3841

KA 3842

KA 3845

KA 3847

KA 3855

KA 3856

KA 3861

KA 3862

KA 3866

KA 3867

KA 3869

KA 3872

KA 3873

KA 3876

KA 3878

KA 3880

KA 3881

KA 3883

KA 3895

KA 3891

KA 3899

KA 3900

KA 3905

KA 3902

After hanging Missy’s pieces, we did a bit of shopping. Of course we couldn’t walk out of Kristen’s store without buying something cool…I went with a pack of GRAPH PAPER POST-IT NOTES and POLKA DOT WASHI TAPE:

KA 3897

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