Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adult Swim Block Party, Y’all!

ADULT 0680

ADULT 0679

Taking a break from posting about China in order to share some images from tonight’s ADULT SWIM BLOCK PARTY held in downtown Athens, Georgia, in front of the world-famous 40 WATT CLUB. Missy and I headed downtown thinking that it would just be a stage with a couple of bands, and a handful of lackeys handing out free swag…to our surprise, it turned out to be a lot cooler than just that! The fine folks at Adult Swim took over Washington Street and turned it into a miniature STREET FAIR, complete with a midway where fans could earn free Adult Swim merch by playing games of skill and chance…

ADULT 0677

ADULT 0683

ADULT 0689

ADULT 0684

ADULT 0682

ADULT 0685

ADULT 0691

ADULT 0690

ADULT 0692

ADULT 0693

ADULT 0694

Missy got the BUNNY CHICKEN to strike a pose with TOFU BABY…

ADULT 0686

ADULT 0688

We spun DETHKLOK’s “WHEEL OF DETH” and scored a couple of BEER COOZIES…

ADULT 0695

ADULT 0697

ADULT 0698

ADULT 0699

ADULT 0701

ADULT 0702

We got to have our pictures made with the AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE gang in Carl’s pool…

ADULT 0703

ADULT 0705

ADULT 0704

ADULT 0709

ADULT 0708

ADULT 0710

ADULT 0713

ADULT 0714

ADULT 0715

ADULT 0716

The MEATWAD videogame arcade:

ADULT 0718

We decided to stand in the very long “FREE T-SHIRT” line. Fans got to pick a plain colored shirt and the IRON-ON DESIGN of their choosing. We got in line and hoped that they would not run out of shirts by the time we got to the booth…

ADULT 0717

We were standing in line, thinking that the block party couldn’t get any more awesomer…and then the GHOSTBUSTERS show up…bustin’ makes me feel good!

ADULT 0723

ADULT 0730

ADULT 0731

ADULT 0735

ADULT 0741

ADULT 0740

ADULT 0742

ADULT 0743

ADULT 0729

ADULT 0739

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