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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sketchbook Sunday – Comics and Drawing

As I fill up my sketchbooks, I usually draw comics from happenings in my life, animals, and scenes from my imagination. I have material for some new zines, so I am slowly figuring that out and where they fit in.

Making more comics.
Usually I draw in pencil first, then go back and do all the line work in ink. Last I add the lettering. Here are some new comics in progress…

Strawberry peach plum pear.

Making new comics!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Uncommon Copies Art Exhibition

My art will be part of an upcoming exhibition called Uncommon Copies and is held at the Church of Templehead, a gallery and art space in Chicago. This event brings together all kinds of artists, zine makers, writers, and DIY enthusiasts together for a celebration for one of my favorite mediums, xerox.

Here is a peek at my xeroxed art, three pieces from a zine of mine called Elfs. This was drawn in the late 1990’s and made form doodles, vintage wrapping paper that my mom gave me, and a glue stick.

The opening for Uncommon Copies is on March 14. If you are in the Chicago area, please check it out. It sounds like a great exhibit, with artists from all over!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Women & Girls In Georgia

WAGG 9999

To say that the last three or four weeks have been busy for us would be an understatement. We’ve been so busy that I neglected to post about Missy participating in the WOMEN & GIRLS IN GEORGIA CONFERENCE (WAGG) that took place at the UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA three weeks ago. Missy, along with our friend, Katy, headed up a seminar and zine-making demo at the conference. It was truly an honor to be asked to speak at WAGG. Before the conference, Missy and Katy worked to put together a Power Point-style presentation:

WAGG 0325

WAGG 0326

WAGG 0327

WAGG 0328

Missy, who always wishes she was still in school, was stoked to be back in a university setting:

WAGG 9995

WAGG 9997

WAGG 0001

WAGG 0003

WAGG 0006

WAGG 0008

WAGG 0010

WAGG 0011

WAGG 0012

Everyone in the class participated in making a zine – it was a group effort. We each wrote a page about our “early experiences with feminism” and we decorated our pages with drawings and/or magazine clippings. After we turned in our pages, Missy gathered them up and ran to a copy machine to make copies. While Missy was making copies, Katy ran a little Q & A session as the class perused a selection of zines that Katy and Missy brought to the seminar. When Missy got back, they stapled the pages together and every one got their very own copy of the zine!

WAGG 0014

WAGG 0015

WAGG 0016

WAGG 0017

WAGG 0029

WAGG 0019

WAGG 0021

WAGG 0022

WAGG 0024

WAGG 0025

WAGG 0026

WAGG 0027

WAGG 0028

WAGG 0032

WAGG 0031

WAGG 0035

WAGG 0036