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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Left-Leaning iPhone Hold

YOGA 2603_o

I posted this photo to my Facebook page like, a week ago…Missy “DOING YOGA” with the help of our cat, Nilla. I was lucky to get this shot of them with my phone while sitting at my desk. CAUGHT! People commented with faux yoga poses like “Lazy Cat Pose”, “Bending Sunflower Pose”, “Lounging Feline Pose”…but my favorite was “Left-Leaning iPhone Hold”. Missy said, “Nilla is my LOAF COACH!” in reference to a hilarious episode of LADY DYNAMITE.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Let It Be

LET IT BE 0782

LET IT BE 0784

Last Sunday, we had breakfast over at CINDY AND QUINTON’S PLACE. Cindy and Quinton own the BIG RED BARN in Watkinsville that used to house our favorite yarn shop, MAIN STREET YARNS. Currently, the space is being used by the LET IT BE YOGA STUDIO (they have a sister studio in Athens called RUBBER SOUL). Missy had several of her signature COLLAGES hanging in Let It Be for the past few months and she wanted to get them back so that she could hang them in her art show opening at THE GRIT this coming Sunday. Cindy said we could come pick up the pieces and then invited us to have breakfast with them at their house, which is behind the barn a little ways, next to this wonderful pond…

While we ate breakfast at the dining room table, their pet chickens, MARVIN and PENNY, peered through the windows, watching us from the patio. After eating, we got to meet them. Marvin especially loved the attention…he cooed and crowed, demanding that Missy and I lovingly pet him…

LET IT BE 0785

LET IT BE 0792

LET IT BE 0793

LET IT BE 0796

LET IT BE 0801

LET IT BE 0802

LET IT BE 0806

LET IT BE 0809

LET IT BE 0810

LET IT BE 0816

LET IT BE 0817

LET IT BE 0818

LET IT BE 0821

LET IT BE 0828

LET IT BE 0829

LET IT BE 0830

LET IT BE 0833

LET IT BE 0835

LET IT BE 0837

LET IT BE 0838

LET IT BE 0841

LET IT BE 0845

Penny jumps up and take treats from your hand much like a pet dog can:

LET IT BE 0849

LET IT BE 0846

LET IT BE 0848

LET IT BE 0850

LET IT BE 0842

LET IT BE 0853

LET IT BE 0855

LET IT BE 0854

After playing with the chickens, we made our way up to Let It Be. Cindy took us to the back of the Big Red Barn and took us on a personal tour of her own art studio where we saw her signature PUPPETS IN SHADOW BOXES and got a sneak peek at some newer works in progress…

LET IT BE 0874

LET IT BE 0858

LET IT BE 0875

LET IT BE 0860

LET IT BE 0862

LET IT BE 0863

LET IT BE 0864

LET IT BE 0870

LET IT BE 0866

LET IT BE 0869

LET IT BE 0867

LET IT BE 0868

LET IT BE 0865

LET IT BE 0871