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Friday, January 16, 2015

Blast From The Past: Getaway Bugs Are GO!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Here for your enjoyment is Missy performing with her old punk / noise / no-wave band, THE GETAWAY BUGS, at her own big BIRTHDAY BASH at CHATHAM COLLEGE, back in 1999. You’ll have to excuse the graininess of the video – it was recorded on my digital camera off our TV, from an already grainy VHS recording. I uploaded them to YouTube a while ago, but never got around to posting about them. There was much much more spectacular footage on the videotape, believe me (six or seven other bands performed at Missy’s party that night to a packed house) but I just taped my two favorite moments: The Getaway Bugs playing their “hit” song, “SCIENCE FICTION” – Missy’s ode to BILL NYE, THE SCIENCE GUY, which she originally did with an older band of hers called TUMMYBUG – and Missy on feedback duty, forcing her guitar into distorted yelps and moans. Missy organized the show at Chatham College, an all-women ivy league-style University in Pittsburgh and the show line-up featured mostly all-female or female-fronted bands. A ton of people showed up and judging from the action on the videotape, it was a stellar night out…