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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Left-Leaning iPhone Hold

YOGA 2603_o

I posted this photo to my Facebook page like, a week ago…Missy “DOING YOGA” with the help of our cat, Nilla. I was lucky to get this shot of them with my phone while sitting at my desk. CAUGHT! People commented with faux yoga poses like “Lazy Cat Pose”, “Bending Sunflower Pose”, “Lounging Feline Pose”…but my favorite was “Left-Leaning iPhone Hold”. Missy said, “Nilla is my LOAF COACH!” in reference to a hilarious episode of LADY DYNAMITE.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Li’l Rascal






Still trying to get back into the swing of posting to the blog regularly…until then, enjoy these photos of Missy hanging out with RASCAL, our neighbor’s little dog from across the street. I think he’s a PEKINGESE, not sure. Rascal is the un-official mayor of our dead-end street…super friendly and not afraid of anyone or anything, he’ll walk right up to you just to see what you’re up to…and sometimes, he’ll even stay a spell and sit in your lap.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Nilla One-Hundred and Fifty-Three

NILLA 0439

NILLA 0438

NILLA 0440

NILLA hates it when the LUGGAGE comes out, because it usually means that we are going away and she will be left here alone, with our bunny, Oreo. Being an adopted rescue cat, I’m sure she has abandonment issues. Nilla’s go-to maneuver for getting us to stay is to get into whatever luggage is being packed. MISSY had her carry-on luggage out, packing for her flight to see her family up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before the year ends. I usually go up with her (we usually make the 13-hour trip by car), but alas, I had used up all my vacation time. Perhaps I should have sat in her luggage as well!