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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sketchbook Sunday: Art Show in Progress

#bunny #drawing #illustration late night drawing and I am on a roll!
Last summer, our friend was scheduling the art shows for the Grit, a local favorite restaurant, and I told him I would like to have a show there. So, since then, I had ideas and dreams of how I thought my art show would look on the walls at the Grit.

Friday painting.
Over time, I had different idea and sketches as to what the themes would be, and how large or small I wanted to work. I usually work fairly small, but the walls there are so big, I needed to think about that in relation to the work. Some of my artist friends said I needed to work big, which for a miniaturist, like myself, was a nervous thought.

Working on big bunny portrait! #drawing #draw #illustration

Bunny #painting progress.
I also do not usually love making backgrounds, but I tried some here. These are paintings that did not quite fit with my vision, but they were still good to work on and explore possibility.

More drawing. #draw #drawing #illustration #art
A lot of times, I like to work on my art at lunch, just to break from the computer or whatever I was doing that day.

Lunchtime sketches. #art #illustration #lunchtimefactory #drawing
So there you have it, some of my drawings and process from my art show!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sketchbook Sunday – Drawing Dolls

Recently I have been drawing dolls to get ready to draw more people. Here are some pages of my sketchbook!

I began drawing simple sort of rag dolls, then I was inspired by my Blythe doll collection, Pippi Longstocking, and vintage dolls.


I love drawing their clothes! I love looking at fashion in magazines and on Pinterest. I am always looking at vintage and modern clothes, and kids clothes.



I hope you liked the peek into my sketchbook for this week!