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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Old Enough To Know Better, Young Enough Not To Care

HBD 2270

HBD 2261

HEY! Today’s my BIRTHDAY! I just wanted to share my BIRTHDAY CAKE with y’all…couldn’t think of a better “over-the-hill” cake topper than HANS MOLEMAN, from the SIMPSONS…”I’M 31 YEARS OLD!!!” I’m an “old soul” though, so I was born over-the-hill, natch!

Also took a bathroom selfie early this morning…here I am all bleary-eyed and slack-jawed, trying to suppress a yawn…mid-week birthdays are hard, yo!

HBD 2251

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Missy!

HBD 2295

Yesterday, we celebrated MISSY’S BIRTHDAY at one of our favorite local restaurants, CALI N TITO’S. Friends came to have dinner with us and to share this amazing CHOCOLATE RAINBOW CAKE made by our friend JO, who is the pastry chef at the HEIRLOOM CAFE, here in Athens, Georgia. We ate a ton of scrumptious Cuban-inspired dishes and barely left just enough room for cake. It was such a great night for eating out and hanging out. Happy Birthday, Missy!

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