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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sketchbook Sunday: Art Show in Progress

#bunny #drawing #illustration late night drawing and I am on a roll!
Last summer, our friend was scheduling the art shows for the Grit, a local favorite restaurant, and I told him I would like to have a show there. So, since then, I had ideas and dreams of how I thought my art show would look on the walls at the Grit.

Friday painting.
Over time, I had different idea and sketches as to what the themes would be, and how large or small I wanted to work. I usually work fairly small, but the walls there are so big, I needed to think about that in relation to the work. Some of my artist friends said I needed to work big, which for a miniaturist, like myself, was a nervous thought.

Working on big bunny portrait! #drawing #draw #illustration

Bunny #painting progress.
I also do not usually love making backgrounds, but I tried some here. These are paintings that did not quite fit with my vision, but they were still good to work on and explore possibility.

More drawing. #draw #drawing #illustration #art
A lot of times, I like to work on my art at lunch, just to break from the computer or whatever I was doing that day.

Lunchtime sketches. #art #illustration #lunchtimefactory #drawing
So there you have it, some of my drawings and process from my art show!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Lucky 13

Lucky 13 1825
Last weekend was the party for Lucky 13, an art show I was asked to participate in with a Halloween theme. My friend Cindy curated the show, and decorated Flicker bar with skulls, webs, and candy!

Lucky 13 1839
Here is my paper cut I made for Lucky 13. I had so much fun making this paper cut, I can’t wait to make more! This was my first large size paper cut. I usually work so much smaller.

Lucky 13 1818

Lucky 13 1821

Lucky 13 1823

Lucky 13 1824

Lucky 13 1828

Lucky 13 1831

Lucky 13 1836

Lucky 13 1837

Lucky 13

Lucky 13 1833
So many great artists in the Lucky 13 show! If you are downtown for the Halloween parade, pop in and have a peek! The show will be up through this weekend.

Monday, May 26, 2014

ATHICA Mystery Triennial Opening

We went to the opening reception for ATHICA’s Mystery Triennial. It was busy, and a great time talking to friends and meeting new ones. We saw so much inspiring artwork, it was really wonderful to see so much happening right here in Athens.

I know the Mystery Triennial is supposed to be a mystery, but we were able to guess many of our friend’s pieces straight away. Here are some by our pal, Dena Zilber. These are so amazing and jam-packed with detail and color. Each glance you notice something new in the work of art.



Some of the art had sound incorporated – Steven Trimmer made the rose speaker, and when you put your ear to this flower, you could hear Wind in the Willows. Do you remember that?

After seeing Anthony Wislar’s painted portraits, we all took the personality tests. Raoul and I are both “INFJ”!





This one was my favorite in the show! Made by a local potter.



Our friend Lindsay’s daughter! Yes, she has a mustache! (Not all the time, though.)

And here I am with my artwork. I made three pieces, they are Fruit Friends. The three shown are Peach, Plum, and Pear. These are made with soft colors and inspired by a song by Joanna Newsom.