Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dork Lifestyle: Sleep Disorder

Dork Lifestyle 52 Sleep Disorder
I have a sleep disorder. My mom has the same thing, too. We both have restless legs. My restless leg syndrome was really bad about ten years ago. It was terrible – I would wake up in the middle of the night with a buggy, painful feeling in my legs. I took yoga, I took medicine, I exercised, I took baths, I slept kneeling, I ate midnight snacks. Some remedies worked better than others, but it is terrible to have your sleep schedule turned upside down. My legs still act up from time to time, but not nearly as awful as they once were. The best things for me are taking walks, baths, and stretching. Over time, I hope the “creepy crawlies” in my legs will be gone forever!

2 thoughts on “Dork Lifestyle: Sleep Disorder

  1. miss limboo

    I’ve had that horrible buggy feeling in my legs a few times its horrible!! I wonder what causes it.. I thought maybe stress and anxiety and too much caffeine maybe…but who knows. I usually have some toast as that seems to make me fall asleep in a carb coma.

  2. Misun

    hi dear Missy,

    did you ever try acupuncture and chinese herbs? i’m glad to hear your restless legs are doing better.


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