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Thursday, April 16, 2015

WEREWOLVES – What Kind Of Pet Defines You?


WEREWOLVES’ newest album, “WHAT KIND OF PET DEFINES YOU?” drops this coming weekend, but for the next couple of days you can pre-order the album and listen to a couple of tracks on the Werewolves’ Bandcamp page HERE. I am proud to have recorded trumpet on a handful of songs on this album and I believe this might very well be my favorite Werewolves release yet. I am especially fond of the track “A.H.F.P.”, which sits squarely in the part of the Venn diagram where Graceland-era PAUL SIMON and ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI overlap. The horn line sounds, ahem, especially tasty, in my humble opinion. But don’t take my word for it…you can listen for yrself HERE. There are even lyrics that you can read and sing along to as well. Poetry in motion. RIYL: The Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel, indie pop, folk-punk, folk-folk, or punk-punk. Yay for new music!


PLUSH 5640

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bunnyfest: Holiday Party 2014

BUNNY 4720_n

Last Sunday, we packed up our bunny, OREO, and headed up to the HOLIDAY PARTY, hosted by the GEORGIA HOUSE RABBIT SOCIETY at the UNITY NORTH ATLANTA CHURCH in Murietta, GA. It was a chance for members and bunnies to mix and mingle, have a nosh, stock up on supplies, and have their photos taken with SANTA…

BUNNY 2864

BUNNY 2867

As soon as we got there, Oreo was treated to some mani/pedi action:

BUNNY 2869

Afterwards, Missy got Oreo settled into one of the many pens provided for the visiting buns:

BUNNY 2870

BUNNY 2926

BUNNY 2872

BUNNY 2874

BUNNY 2885

BUNNY 2875

BUNNY 2876

BUNNY 2900

BUNNY 2878

BUNNY 2879

BUNNY 2880

BUNNY 2882

BUNNY 2883

BUNNY 2886

BUNNY 2887

BUNNY 2888

BUNNY 2891

BUNNY 2890

BUNNY 2889

BUNNY 2903

We met another person named MISSY at the party. She wondered if her little boy bunny, BUSTER, could have a little play date with Oreo. I warned her that Oreo was a bit bossy, and that we would have to watch them closely. Sure enough, after some friendly sniffing around, she ended up giving Buster a little nip on the nose…BAD BUN! So, the date ended abruptly. Good timing, though, because it was almost time for Oreo’s appointment with SANTA CLAUS:

BUNNY 2905

BUNNY 2906

BUNNY 2907

BUNNY 2909

BUNNY 2893

BUNNY 2898

BUNNY 2912

BUNNY 2919

BUNNY 2918

BUNNY 2916

BUNNY 2914

BUNNY 2920

BUNNY 2922

BUNNY 2921

BUNNY 2923

BUNNY 2927

Towards the end of the party, we stocked up on some bunny supplies and then, picked up our photos, and then packed up our bun…

BUNNY 2932

BUNNY 2935

BUNNY 2936

BUNNY 2938

BUNNY 2944

BUNNY 2949

BUNNY 2945

BUNNY 2950

BUNNY 2956

BUNNY 2955

On our ride home, we stopped at LOVING HUT and got some vegetarian Chinese take-away. We soaked in all the vegetarian and vegan propaganda while waiting for our warm, delicious food…

BUNNY 2960

BUNNY 2959

BUNNY 2957