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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

London – Day Five: Brighton by the Sea

Brighton 1542
Our last full day of our trip, we decided to take the train to the seaside town of beautiful Brighton, England. Our friend Beth suggested it, and we wanted to see what Brighton was like. I have always wanted to visit the English seaside, too.

Brighton 1327
We got up early and were on our way to the train. It took us a little over an hour taking the train from London to Brighton. I really love taking the train!

As we walked from the train station through the streets of Brighton, we were greeted by fantastic treats – like these from a French pastry shop! I bought some macarons here. I could not resist.

Brighton 1319

After getting a sweet treat, we were on our way to explore the town.

Brighton 1332

Brighton 1346

Brighton 1350
We walked all though the lanes first, stopping in shops here and there as we went. There were so many cute shops and cafes!

Brighton 1463
We went though the wonderful Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. It is near the Royal Pavilion. What a great museum!

Brighton 1359

Brighton 1370
Here is a cat from in the museum! This cat made sound, but I do not think it was working the day we were there. I loved this cat, so cute. Here are some of my favorites from the museum.

Brighton 1382

Brighton 1392

Brighton 1403

Brighton 1406
Are you a mod or a rocker?

Brighton 1407

Brighton 1412

Brighton 1418

Brighton 1440

Brighton 1469

Brighton 1488
Eventually we made our way to the pier.

Brighton 1494

Brighton 1509

Brighton 1512

Brighton 1517
I loved the vintage rides and feel of the pier.

Brighton 1526

Brighton 1531

Brighton 1567

Brighton 1591
We went to so many cute teeny tiny shops that were by the seaside. This was one of our favorites, 229 Ceramics, a small studio and shop. I got some cute pieces, and they were lovingly wrapped with care by the maker. We told him we had to safely get the ceramics home on the plane, and that we did! What a great shop.

Brighton 1588

Brighton 1580

Brighton 1583

Brighton 1612
Our late lunch was at Food for Friends! Our friend Beth suggested this for us. It was so good!

Brighton 1614

Brighton 1618
I really enjoyed my food there! It was great.

Brighton 1643

Brighton 1641
We stayed until sundown and had a really great day seeing everything in Brighton!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Totes Totes Totes

Tofu Baby Tote 3

I have some new totes! I “tote-ally” made Tofu Baby Totes! My friend Chris at Chief Crunchy Screen Printing helped me make these bags. I think they are great for a walk in the woods!

Tofu Baby Tote 2

Raoul helped me take these pics at the local botanical gardens. We had so much fun looking around, it is so peaceful and beautiful there.

Morrissey Tote 1

Morrissey Tote 2

I also made a design inspired by Smiths lyrics! I love how my illustration of Morrissey came out! Perfect to carry your groceries, books, or records! You can order your own totes through Shoppe Sugar Cookie on Etsy!