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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Totes Totes Totes

Tofu Baby Tote 3

I have some new totes! I “tote-ally” made Tofu Baby Totes! My friend Chris at Chief Crunchy Screen Printing helped me make these bags. I think they are great for a walk in the woods!

Tofu Baby Tote 2

Raoul helped me take these pics at the local botanical gardens. We had so much fun looking around, it is so peaceful and beautiful there.

Morrissey Tote 1

Morrissey Tote 2

I also made a design inspired by Smiths lyrics! I love how my illustration of Morrissey came out! Perfect to carry your groceries, books, or records! You can order your own totes through Shoppe Sugar Cookie on Etsy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Table of Handmade Goodies

#vscocam my table at the Normal Bar!
I had a great time at the Yart Sale on Saturday! So much fun that I did not take too many photos! I only took a few of my table of handmade goodies!

Having fun with my handmade goodies and art at Normal Bar in Normaltown at the Yart sale! Thanks @doubledutchpress  for organizing. So fun.

My little table at the Yart sale. Open til 8!
Thanks so much to Katherine and Amanda at Double Dutch Press for organizing this event. This was a very fun sale, all affordable art, and by great local artists. I was so glad to be a part of this! I also like Normal Bar, where it was held. It is a nice place and very sunny, and they have some fancy lavender drinks which I will try on my next visit.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shoppe Sugar Cookie Update

Sleeping Woodland Deer Wood Charm Necklace
I am adding new goodies to my Shoppe Sugar Cookie on Etsy. This season I am inspired by the woodland and have been making crafts with this on my mind. I have always loved the woods, trees, and animals of the forest and meadow. I am also inspired by folk music and folk art lately, too.

Woodland Squirrel Wood Hairpins

Meadow Pony Wood Pin

Guitar Heart Wood Necklace
You can check out all my new goodies here! I will be adding stuff all weekend! You can also use a special coupon code for my shop! It is RanchoCocoa25 for $5 off any order of $25 or more. This special offer ends on Tuesday, December 3.