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Saturday, October 11, 2014



New show up at the MINI GALLERY: SQUARED, featuring the work of local Athens, GA artists LOU KREGEL and HANNAH JONES (New Sound of Numbers). If you’re in downtown Athens today or out and about enjoying the PRINCE AVENUE ART CRAWL, be sure to stop in at the Mini Gallery to see the new show…it’s also a great chance to collect some affordable pieces by both artists…hope to see you there, starting at 5pm!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Paper Covers Rock

ART ROX 0431

Missy and I were lucky enough to FINALLY catch the awe-inspiring PAPER COVERS ROCK exhibit at the LYNDON HOUSE ART CENTER, curated by ART ROCKS ATHENS (ART ROX ATH), our very own “Athens’ art and music preservation society”. We saw the exhibit on it’s very last day back in July, and we were also lucky enough to have the show all to ourselves…

ART ROX 0377

The show focused on the Athens music scene spanning the ten years between 1975 and 1985, as documented through various posters, flyers, photographs, and other various bits and pieces of ephemera…all the bands from that bountiful era of music were represented – R.E.M., B-52’s, Pylon, Love Tractor, etc. etc., but focused heavily on the B-52’s…perhaps because of all the bands from that time, they were the most visually stunning…

ART ROX 0376

ART ROX 0389

ART ROX 0390

ART ROX 0392

ART ROX 0395

ART ROX 0398

ART ROX 0380

ART ROX 0379

ART ROX 0378

CINDY and KATE from the B-52’s, back-in-the-day. So cute!

ART ROX 0399

ART ROX 0400

ART ROX 0401

ART ROX 0381

A very young-looking R.E.M.:

ART ROX 0397

ART ROX 0373

ART ROX 0374

ART ROX 0384

ART ROX 0385

ART ROX 0388

ART ROX 0403

ART ROX 0402

ART ROX 0383

ART ROX 0404

ART ROX 0446

ART ROX 0406

ART ROX 0407

ART ROX 0408

ART ROX 0409

ART ROX 0410

ART ROX 0411

ART ROX 0413

ART ROX 0419

Missy posing with one of the original B-52’s WIGS:

ART ROX 0414

ART ROX 0415

ART ROX 0416

ART ROX 0417

ART ROX 0420

ART ROX 0421

ART ROX 0422

ART ROX 0423

ART ROX 0424

ART ROX 0427

ART ROX 0425

ART ROX 0429

ART ROX 0434

ART ROX 0432

I love this photo of PYLON:

ART ROX 0433

ART ROX 0436

ART ROX 0437

ART ROX 0438

ART ROX 0442

ART ROX 0439

ART ROX 0440

ART ROX 0441

ART ROX 0443

ART ROX 0444

Saturday, August 16, 2014



While I hold down the fort at MINI GALLERY today, Missy will be hocking her wares at the first-ever YART SALE over at the NORMAL BAR in the Normaltown neighborhood here in Athens, GA. Lots of great art to be had by a bunch of great local artists – all of it on sale and/or affordably priced. Here’s your chance to get a leg up on Christmas or to spice up your dreary walls. Do it up, Athens!