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Friday, March 7, 2014

Folk To Fine Art

FOLK 0012

Missy and I will be in Commerce, GA this weekend at the 2014 FOLK TO FINE ARTS FESTIVAL & EXPO. We’ll be sharing a table with our friend and illustrator extraordinaire MARK BRAUGHT. We’ve been busy crafting and making, getting stuff ready for the show. Good news is…we finally re-stocked the PICKLE JAR! We’ll even have a couple of new PLUSH EASTER BUNNIES on hand…

If you’re local and you’re looking for something to do this weekend, then head on up the old 441 and come see us at the Commerce Civic Center in Historic Downtown Commerce…more info HERE.


BUNNY 0061

BUNNY 9988

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Order Up: Bronies, Mayors, and Groundhogs, Oh My!


It’s been a busy week here at the Ranch (as usual) – this time, we’ve been busy with a few BUTTON COMMISSIONS. Punching buttons is easy, but dang, it eats up a lot of time, especially if large quantities are involved. We got a commission to design and punch out buttons for a BRONIE CLUB up in Seattle. Yep. If you don’t know what a “Bronie” is…well, you should look it up on Google, LOL.

Also, we got a commission to make one-inch buttons for the “TIM FOR MAYOR” campaign, here in Athens. Our friend, Tim Denson, is running for mayor against our current mayor, who also shares the same name, but no relation. Confusing, right? Needless to say, we fully support and endorse Tim Denson for Mayor of Athens in 2014:


We also finished up a commission for the ATHENS INSTITUTE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART (ATHICA), punching out buttons for their newest exhibition called “THE THIRD ACT”, which opened last night. The button design is from a drawing that was featured in the show:


Lastly, we’ve been getting a lot of orders for Missy’s PUXSUTAWNEY PHIL BUTTON SETS on her Etsy shop…funnily enough, we’ve been getting these orders from mothers with children born on GROUNDHOG DAY – they’ve been buying the buttons in quantity as birthday party favors for their guests:

PUNX 0003

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

HollyDay Handmade Artist Market 2012

HOLLY 8330

HOLLY 8331

HOLLY 8332

HOLLY 8287

We had a lot of fun this past weekend at the HOLLYDAY HANDMADE ARTIST MARKET, hosted by the always awesome TREEHOUSE KID & CRAFT here in Athens, GA…We arrived at Treehouse around 8:30am to set up and had to figure out how to condense two-tables’ worth of stuff onto one table. Our solution was to build up and to selectively leave some things off the table in favor of our “best-sellers”…

HOLLY 8288

HOLLY 8290

HOLLY 8291

HOLLY 8292

HOLLY 8293

HOLLY 8294

HOLLY 8295

HOLLY 8296

The sale started at 10am with a BANG – literally! A three-car accident happened out on the street right in front of Treehouse. This was the scene after the cars pulled off the road and a bunch of us cleared debris off the road and made sure everyone in the accident were okay…you can see folks milling about the corner where the accident just happened, a cop across the street making an accident report, and Treehouse owner, Kristen, in the street sweeping up broken glass:

HOLLY 8304

Though it was a nice day, it was still a little chilly in the shade of the awning. The inside of the store offered a nice break from the cold and more opportunities for holiday shopping…

HOLLY 8307

HOLLY 8309

HOLLY 8310

The sun came out in full around noon, just as the FARM CART arrived in time to serve up hot chocolate and lunch. Between the warm sun and the Farm Cart, it was finally time to venture out past the shade…

HOLLY 8315

HOLLY 8316

HOLLY 8317

HOLLY 8324

HOLLY 8321

HOLLY 8318

HOLLY 8313

HOLLY 8314

HOLLY 8326

HOLLY 8301

HOLLY 8297

HOLLY 8298

HOLLY 8299

HOLLY 8300

HOLLY 8325