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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Order Up: 8-Track Gorilla

8-TRACK 0660

8-TRACK 0666

8-TRACK 1002

Just got done punching a buncha ONE-INCH BUTTONS for the 8-TRACK GORILLA – Athens, Georgia’s very own gorilla-suited rock-n-roll performance art enfant terrible. Woo-hoo!

If you need one-inch buttons for your band, event, company, school, club, association, dance troupe, meet-up group, religious cult, etc., then by all means…GET AT US! Let us help you “make it more special”

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Order Up: Flight Mode




Last night, we delivered a custom order of one-inch buttons to local band FLIGHT MODE, which features Leslie Grove and Kenny Aguar (better known around these parts as the 8-TRACK GORILLA)…with the welcome addition of Scott Creney of TUNABUNNY on the amazing butterfly-shaped bass and legit 80s goth rocker, Tom Ashton, on guitar, from legendary band MARCH VIOLETS

The night opened up with some harsh NOISE from local band KUSA87 – sheets of unrelenting noise, sounding a lot like a jet engine with glitchy loops of feedback and distorted human chatter, with intermittent bouts of propulsive percussion coming in from the side – Missy said it reminded her of the noise shows she would go see in Pittsburgh and I said it reminded me of the noise shows I would go see in LA at THE SMELL. We were both like, “Ahhh…this takes me back.” A definite palette cleanser, for sure, for sure. Their video screens featured equally glitchy random video footage, except for one lone monitor which was playing the movie FIGHT CLUB, which seemed like the perfect visual cue for the (un)musical onslaught:

GO 0001

GO 0007

GO 0011

GO 0010

GO 0013

Flight Mode followed immediately afterwards. We weren’t sure what to expect with the expanded line-up…only that it was going to be good, given the pedigree of everyone involved. And sure enough, we were not disappointed. Flight Mode sat easily in the middle of that venn diagram where The Cure, New Order, and Echo & The Bunnymen meet. Not a pastiche or an homage, but an honest-to-goodness GOTH BAND that would make any big-haired kid decked out all-in-black squee with delight. I guess the best way to sound like an authentic goth band from the 80s is to have an actual guitarist from an 80s goth band as your ringer – Tom Ashton killed it. Add in Leslie’s synth lines and perfectly programmed beats, and Scott’s Peter Hook-esque bass lines – and I can’t stress this enough – played on this gnarly BUTTERFLY-SHAPED BASS, and bam, you have the perfect backdrop to Kenny’s sweetly dark poetry. AND…they closed with a cover of NEW ORDER’s “CEREMONY” to boot. I was so hyped, I ended up NOT having to get that Irish Coffee from the bar afterall:

GO 0021

GO 0018

GO 0022

GO 0025

GO 0029

GO 0032

GO 0045

GO 0049

GO 0052

GO 0054

GO 0055

GO 0056

GO 0059

GO 0069

GO 0073

GO 0070

There was a surprise CHRISTMAS SET from Athens’s own DREAM SCENE, with Javier belting out Christmas standards over cheesy samples and beats. By that time, we were ready to head back home, the both of us having spent most of the day in bed sick, before venturing out into the night. We bowed out as the Christmas spirit rained down on all the party people:

GO 0081

GO 0083