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I am an artist and graphic designer. I work as a surface designer in the gift industry by day. By night I am an avid crafter, cartoonist, and zine publisher. In my spare time I listen to records, bake cookies, and study trapeze. You can look at my website and Shoppe Sugar Cookie!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Acorn Party Update

As we all know, the holidays are upon us! I have been hard at work making new handmade goodies for my Etsy shops! I love making jewelry, so I added some of my original miniature illustrations inside these lockets. I love making these!



And I even have some charms I made from vintage locks that are heart-shaped! I love these and wear mine all the time. Each one is different and unique. Truly a special find, and the little locks really work! So have a peek in my Acorn Party shop!