Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bear Necessities

BEAR 2614

BEAR 2616

This past weekend, Missy and I were invited to the BEAR HOLLOW ZOO “FAMILY REUNION” at Memorial Park. It was a special event in honor of Bear Hollow’s “ADOPT-AN-ANIMAL DONORS”…one of the activities planned for that day was making theses special “treats” for the three black bears that they had rescued a while ago and currently care for.

First, we used twigs and sticks to shish-kebab various pieces of fruit vegetables. Next, we stuck the skewers into the tops of different PUMPKINS, which became a weighty base for all the treats. Then, we took our creations into the BEAR HABITAT (sans bears, of course!), leaving the many pumpkins treats in strategic locations. Needless to say, we were excited to actually be in the bear enclosure – having seen it from above so many times before, we made an immediate beeline to the TOWER. Afterwards, we made our way to the observation deck to watch the bears’ feeeding time…at first, the three sleepy bears were more interested in the scent of humans who had invaded their space, but it wasn’t long before their sensitive noses caught wind of the various goodies scattered around their home…

BEAR 2617

BEAR 2619

BEAR 2622

BEAR 2623

BEAR 2626

BEAR 2627

BEAR 2628

BEAR 2629

BEAR 2631

BEAR 2632

BEAR 2634

BEAR 2637

BEAR 2638

BEAR 2642

BEAR 2644

BEAR 2645

BEAR 2646

BEAR 2650

BEAR 2653

BEAR 2655

BEAR 2658

BEAR 2664

BEAR 2666

BEAR 2667

BEAR 2669

BEAR 2672

BEAR 2679

BEAR 2685

BEAR 2691

BEAR 2692

BEAR 2697

BEAR 2699

BEAR 2700

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sketchbook Sunday: Some Girls and Portraits

Lunchtime #sketchbook  #illustration #art
When I am at lunch, I like to fill my time with doodles, making lockets, or playing some words with friends. I have been drawing lately, and here are some of my sketches for some art shows I am working on. I like to make different girls and fashion them in cute outfits. They are going different places, like on a walk or to a picnic.

Apple season. #illustration

Some #drawing going on.

Folk girls.
These are some of the small drawings these portraits came from.

Some from my sketchbook.

Some animal portraits.
And I also made some small animal portraits that I have been dreaming up. Maybe these can become some watercolor drawings or one inch buttons?